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Rewatch the Info-Session

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Watch the recording below to learn more about the EU funded project 'Stories from 2050' and how you can contribute.

1st of March was World Futures Day, and we used this occasion to inform you about the project 'Stories from 2050'. Review the session recording to learn more about the project, the outline and structure, and how and why we need your contribution.

How you can participate:

  • Share stories about the future

  • Discuss content others are sharing

  • Have a say in the future of Europe

  • Participate in our Futures Rooms

  • Host events to keep up the conversation

  • Write/ Co-write new stories with us

What you can gain:

  • Recognition - Most valued contributors – with their agreement - will be mentioned on the project website and in the final report as contributors

  • Write a story - Most valued contributors could get an invitation to co-write one of the stories and being published on the platform and on social media.

  • Publishing and use - The final narratives (or a selection) will be published on the website and can be used for your own work

  • Visibility and Say - Increase your visibility for the EU policymaker team. Get invited to internal EU events and share your insights during a speaker event


Let's imagine and create a sustainable Europe 2050 together!

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2 comentários

Would it be possible to get information on the project without having to watch the video? Every video watched is a carbon footprint increased - my vision is to decrease it...

Tanja Schindler
Tanja Schindler
13 de mar. de 2021
Respondendo a

All the informations are also in the slide-deck - last item of this post

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