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Looking for Story Writers

Are you a sci-fi, creative or futures writer? For our EU funded project 'Stories from 2050', we are looking for experienced writers to flesh out narratives based on co-created storylines.

Are you interested in writing a story for our project Stories from 2050? During multiple collaborative and co-creation sessions, we developed the foundation for various storylines of the challenges and opportunities of Europe in 2050. Now we are looking for story writers that use the input to provide powerful, inspiring and thought-provoking narratives from the input we’ve collected. For every story we create and is handed in, we also donate to plant a tree.

Please let us know what you expect in exchange for your story. We can offer recognition and visibility amongst EU policymakers and the global public and have a small budget to reimburse your time if requested. Please find below a summary presentation of the current project status.

If you are interested in writing and submitting a story, please reach via or our contact form. Here are some more key facts on the request

  • Write a story approx 1-3 pages long based on the community co-creation input.

  • Stories are in the format ‘A Day in a Life’ or a ‘Hero’s journey

  • Deadline for submission: 24th of May

If you are interested, we will schedule a meeting to fill you in with more details.

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