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Enriched Planet Narratives & Futures Persona Challenge

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

After the two co-creation workshops we were able to write one robust narrative of each planet. Click here to read the full narratives or download here the pdf version and join our New Challenge (details below).

Planet Narratives
Download PDF • 1.42MB

Future Persona Challenge

What is the challenge about:

Activities 1 to 5 from the co-creation sessions helped us create great content to build a solid narrative! But every story needs a character, and here it's where you come in. The goal of this Activity 6 is to decide who or what is/are the main inhabitants/entities of each planet.

  1. Pick a planet and describe its inhabitants based on the narratives presented earlier,

  2. Use the prompt questions above; sketch, draw or paint - and also name them!

  3. Post your character in our Futures Rooms on the planet you've chosen for your character!

  4. RSVP for our upcoming Storyline Design Workshops.

Join Futures Rooms

The best 5 characters will be part of the final 20 Stories from 2050; this is the opportunity for you to get visibility and recognition within the EU Commission and be a part of the story-writing process

During the week following the challenge, an “Empathy map” will be created to understand the dynamics between the inhabitants as a collective, and identify what they say, hear, think and feel as they interact on each planet. This will unfold potential storylines for the final output. If you want to participate in this last activity as well, click here!

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