Image by Aaron Burden
Image by Landon Parenteau
Image by Barbara Zandoval
Image by Okai Vehicles
Image by Bud Helisson
Image by Colton Jones
Green Roofs
Image by Possessed Photography
Image by NOAA


Share your favourite or provoking stories, images and videos from the future and join our online forum to discuss and make sense out of the future.

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Join one of our Futures Rooms and get transferred into the year 2050 where Earth has become uninhabitable and it is up to you to discover a new planet.

About the project.

The overall goal of this project is to support the further development of the vision of a Clean Planet 2050 and the implementation of the European Green Deal by creating and harvesting stories. 

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Image by Shane Rounce

About us. 

Learn more about the partners of the consortium participating in this project contracted by the EU Commission.

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